TR Finance Is A Fully Decentralized Token.

Our Price Prediction from 0.1$ to 500$


We are building a platform to make it easier for you.

TR Finance is a new breed of crypto bank offering payment card solutions, wallet and the opportunity to profit from a secured investment, As the main asset, a powerful and flawless trading software, developed by our team of experienced traders and software engineers, constantly trading on financial markets. Our payments solutions with Visa simplify all operations and make them easier for all cryptocurrency.

Highly qualified IT experts have designed TR Finance with years of experience in a range of IT disciplines, including distributed systems, IT cloud infra, and programming languages. We will fully decentralize TR Finance after it is built. The network will belong to the community, and members will decide its future.

Mission:    We aim to change how transactions are done by switching to a secure and decentralized transaction process.

Vision:    The goal is to create a decentralized and trusted database where anyone can freely participate in financial freedom.

Our Vision

Q1 - 2023
TR Finance Staking App
Q2 - 2023
TR Finance Wallet & Multiple Exchange Listing
Q3 - 2023
P2E Games & Fantosy Social App
Q4 - 2023
TR Finance Swap & BitMart Listing
Q1 & Q2 - 2024
TR Finance Exchange & Own Blockchain
Top Exchange Listing

Best Features

Secure Payment
Secure Payment

Profits from other members are directly transferred to your wallet. The income belongs exclusively to you. The system does not allow hoarding.

Earn Rewards
Earn Rewards

TR Finance rewards every transaction. Your wallet will be automatically credited with rewards once you buy and hold Tokens.

More Accessible
More Accessible

Everyone will be able to join the network through our easy-to-use platform. Having fewer hardware requirements makes it accessible to anyone.

Security Oriented
Security oriented

Our smart contracts are audited regularly to detect any issues that might arise. We guarantee the safety and security of your funds.

Why choose TR Finance

mobile apps

Automatic transfer of rewards

Your rewards are automatically claimed without you having to request them manually. Your bonus will increase with every transaction.

Increase in value

Every time you make a transaction, TR tokens increase in value.

mobile apps
mobile apps

Automated Liquidity

Every transaction on PancakeSwap contributes 2% to generating liquidity automatically.

Relief Fund Wallet

We are creating a dedicated Relief Fund Wallet to combat global humanitarian crises.

mobile apps
mobile apps

Multiple Prizes

Our monthly prize pools offer prizes every month. You can win between 100$ to 250$.

Token Allocation

You will receive rewards when you buy TR Finance tokens in your wallet.

Total Tax 6%

  • 2% Autoreward
  • 2% Auto Liquidity
  • 1% Buyback
  • 1% Marketing


Total Supply 0.025 billion

  • 40% Other Exchange & Listing
  • 25% PancakeSwap Liquidity
  • 15% Dev Wallet
  • 10% Team
  • 10% Virtual Marketing

Services we provide

Real-Time Database

The decentralization of the economy leads to a significant reduction in transaction fees.

Taxes Efficiency

The taxable income for corporations is often determined similarly to that for individuals.


We provide 24/7/365 support to our clients. Since the market closes at midnight, we provide round-the-clock service.


Our team keeps you informed by using advanced technology. Join TR Finance’s Blog to stay up-to-date.


We are in process to get authorization for training service provider.


Our decentralized platform allows anyone to participate voluntarily.

The Timeline

Frequently Asked questions

What is TR Finance?
With TR Finance, you can use digital money that no one can manipulate and be easy to use and store. Powered by an open-source blockchain protocol, we provide peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency and payment services.
What are the features of TR Finance?
With TR Finance, you can send and receive transactions quickly, easily, and securely using blockchain technology. As a result of its speed, it ranks among the fastest cryptocurrencies on the market. For example, transaction speeds on TR Finance are 10 times faster than Bitcoin and 3 times faster than Litecoin, respectively.
Who Manages TR Finance?
TR Finance will run its program fully decentralized. Currently, the platform is managed by IT Professionals, but once it is completed, it will be decentralized and launched locally.
What Is A Smart Contract?
A smart contract is an algorithm inside a blockchain cryptocurrency. TR Finance Smart Contract is one example of a smart contract that aims to automate relationships using technology.
How much can I earn with the TR Finance referral program?
Your income will depend on how many people you invite and how active they are.
What is the maximum number of participants?
A set period of time will determine your participation limit based on your average TR balance over a set period of time. It is not necessary to stake or do anything else with your TR Finance during this time.
What is needed to participate in the project?
You can use any device with Internet access, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even just a computer. The Binance wallet has been installed and recharged. Install Telegram to communicate with partners and support the project.

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